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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

HR 4437: A Tough, Mean Spirited Bill?

Source: Vdare

It is commonly held wisdom that the House bill on immigration, HR 4437 is a bad ass piece of legislation, much, much better than it's wimpy Senate counterpart.

But is this true? Juan Mann deconstucts the BS in a great piece up at Vdare today.
H.R. 4437 undercuts the [Immigration Act Section 235(b) Expedited Removal] laws already on the books by scaling back the expedited removal authority granted (but never implemented) by Congress in 1996. The bill allows the summary removal of illegal aliens found within 100 miles of a land border within 14 days of entry. But in 1996 Congress previously authorized the removal of any [illegal] alien found anywhere in the U.S. within 2 years of entry!
It's vital to understand that the American people have no friends in Washington. They have a vision for this country that should frighten us as a nation. They wish to remake this country into something you and I would not recognize, A North American Union, with no borders between us, Canada and Mexico.

Sound like a good deal to you?

Read the whole thing.

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