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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

North American Union Resources

Jake posted this a little while ago about Bush's desire to create a North American Union via executive order, neatly bypassing Congress and any chance the American people have of having a say in this travesty. I blogged on his treasonous intentions yesterday.

Following are a couple of links for more frightening info...

Building a North American Community (published last year by the Council on Foreign on the lookout for terms like "economic space," "labor mobility," and "North American identity")
Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (our own government's website on how it plans to open our borders and destroy our sovereignty)

We need to be talking about this people! How many (or should I say HOW FEW) Americans know about this? Let's not find out how few after the fact.

I've been tossing out the name "Security and Prosperity Partnership" at work today -- an informal survey, if you will -- and one...that's right, ONE -- person had heard of it.

We are not amused.

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