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Monday, June 12, 2006

Still Think Enforcement Can't Work?

Though anyone with a room temperature IQ knew the president's pre-immigration speech workplace raids were a stunt, it's had an interesting effect...

There's nothing that'll light up a law firm's switchboard like a wave of spooked clients.

Recent immigration raids, a new state law in Georgia and the move toward federal reform have collided to create a nerve-racking spring for employers.

Companies have boosted requests for audits of their worker-verification paper trail by as much as 40 percent since last year, some local law firms say.

"The phone is ringing all the time," notes Dave Whitlock, a partner over the immigration practice at Atlanta-based Fisher & Phillips, a labor and employment law firm. "Employers are nervous, and they've got a lot of questions right now." *snip*

The question of whether employees were properly documented popped up almost immediately following a massive work site raid in April at IFCO Systems, an Amsterdam, Netherlands-based pallet and crate maker that has its North American headquarters in Houston.

In a news conference about the raid, the largest ever in the history of the national immigration service, Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff pledged more crackdowns — and signaled there would be more focus on documentation. *snip*

Although certain industries are on the hit list — including agriculture, construction, food services, hospitality and textiles — employers across the board are scrambling to get their paperwork in order, lawyers say.
Now imagine what could happen if those weren't merely show/stunt arrests. If arrests like these were happening every single day, if business owners were watching their fellow scumbags doing a perp walk for defrauding the American people by hiring illegals.

If there were no jobs a lot of this problem would solve itself in a couple of months. If you could also remove welfare benefits from illegals I'd guess you'd be at 80% who'd clear out. I could be wrong, but if folk are coming for work or to sponge off welfare, and those things were no longer available, how would they stay?

I suppose some would turn to crime, and hopefully we'll find our spine and start forcefully catapulting alien criminals over our new Minuteman built wall as a warning to future criminal aliens.

I reiterate, just imagine the reaction if the arrests had been the real deal. Nice to know this problem could be solved quite easily, all we really need is a non-treasonous government to enforce the law in a clear and consistent manner.
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