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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pro-Illegal Crowd Continues to Hijack Civil Rights Movement

From CBS2 Chicago:

Immigration Compared To Civil Rights Movement
Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Conference Discusses Immigration Rights

The annual Rainbow/PUSH Coalition conference spent much of the weekend discussing immigrant rights.The main message from the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition's conference is that the immigrant rights fight is no different than the 1960s civil rights movement.
Would someone please, please tell me what “immigrant rights” are being fought for, exactly?

The coalition discussed ways of working with the Hispanic population to fight for immigrant rights on Sunday.

I’ll ask again: WHAT IMMIGRANT RIGHTS are we talking about here? The "right" to come here illegally? The "right" to work here illegally? The "right" to break our laws and be rewarded rather than punished?

The conference's keynote speaker was New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who says undocumented immigrants in his state give more than they take, especially when it comes to taxes.He also said there has to be a compromise between our nation's security and the human rights of immigrants.

OK, now we’re using the term “human rights” instead of “civil rights?” All an effort to blur the two so no one notices/cares about the difference anymore. I’ve blogged on THAT a time or two.

"Yes, we have to strengthen our border security, but we also have to protect the millions of immigrants who are already in America. Give them a fair chance, bring them out of the shadows. We're not talking about an amnesty," he said.
And, speaking of blurring the two, how about making a distinction between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigrants? I certainly have no desire to “protect” ILLEGAL immigrants…or give them a fair chance, for that matter. I think they forfeited that consideration when they broke our laws. The most -- the very most -- I’m willing to offer is a trip to the back of the line. And I don’t mean the line for citizenship. I mean the line that’s forming in their home countries to come here.

And as for amnesty? I know you’re not using the word, Governor Richardson, because you know the American people don’t want it. We are also smart enough to recognize amnesty when we see it, no matter what bullshit, flavor-of-the-week name you choose in a futile attempt to fool/mollify/insult the citizens of this great country.

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