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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Calderon: Show Mexico the Money

From the Sioux City Journal:

Conservative presidential candidate Felipe Calderon said Friday that the United States and Canada should help build a Mexican economy strong enough to keep people from migrating north in search of work.

Calderon said he would like to see an international development plan similar to those used by the European Union to jump-start Ireland and Spain's economies, which now are booming."

I think it's very valid to propose that Canada, the United States and Mexico all invest in productive projects and infrastructure in areas that send the most migrants out of the country," the ruling National Action Party candidate told The Associated Press aboard his campaign bus as it left a rally in this small farming community northwest of the capital.

Yeah, NO. It sounds all feel-good in theory, I suppose, but then so does communism. The trouble comes when real, live, human beings get involved. There are plenty of good ones out there, but there are plenty who would screw it up, too. You know the ones…the same ones who got Mexico and its people into this economic position in the first place.

"It's very obvious that building one kilometer of highway here is better than 10 kilometers of wall along the border," he said.
Here’s an idea: let’s try both. We’ll build a wall in OUR country. You build some roads in YOUR country. Let’s give that a whirl, shall we?

You see, politicians love to throw the names of countries around broadly. America should do this. America should pay for that. America is not just a name. America is us. You and me. Taxpayers. People already struggling to make a living and put a little something aside for later when our own government sends us a Social Security check that bounces because someone in Guadalajara beat you to the bank with their U.S. Social Security check for work they did here illegally..

Let’s try the rhetoric again, but with a little honesty this time:

AMERICAN TAXPAYERS should help build a Mexican economy strong enough to keep people from ILLEGALLY migrating north in search of ILLEGAL work.

I think it's very valid to propose that AMERICAN TAXPAYERS invest in productive projects IN MEXICO and infrastructure IN MEXICO in areas that send the most ILLEGAL migrants out of the country TO WORK ILLEGALLY AND SEND MONEY BACK TO MEXICO.

This is insane! AMERICAN TAXPAYERS are not responsible for bailing out Mexico. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have been marching in our streets, many from Mexico, waving Mexican flags, and making demands of AMERICAN TAXPAYERS, too.

Don’t any of these people get that if they want to make Mexico a better place they need to look to Mexico, not the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS?!?

These people do. Here are some comments left under this article by AMERICAN TAXPAYERS:

“No way Mexico. Rise up and take care of your own people…please.”

“Sure, let’s rebuild Mexico too! If you think that’s going to keep them from coming, think again!”

“…THIS IS NOT FAIR MEXICO !!!! You take care of your own country. We are not responsible for you….And Bush says that you are our friend. Huh! You are the worst enemy neighbor that a country could possibly have.”
Yep. Like the neighbor who steals your lawnmower, then suggests with a straight face that if you buy him one he won’t have to steal yours. Again.

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