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Friday, June 09, 2006

Oh Yeah

Almost forgot, there was a delightful tie to the theme of this blog in the last entry.  When the owner of the phone contacted the thief and demanded the phone back this was the reply...
I immediately contacted the AOL name: Sashacristal8905 and requested that the Sidekick be returned. I was immediately told that my “white ass” didn’t deserve it back. That she was not a “white bitch” (my friend who is a blonde white girl had pics on the phone this person had obviously seen) stupid enough to return a phone she found. After lots of threats, she said she and her boy would wait for me at:

Sashacristal8905: i got ball this is my adress 108 20 37 av corona come n do it iam give u the sidekick so I can hit you wit it
My first thought is to decry the sorry state of our educational system, perhaps especially in big cities which have been most heavily infested with illegal aliens. But of course the young lady in question is a PROUD PERSON OF COLOR, which is my nice way of calling her a racist.  A Latina racist, I'm sure you're every bit as shocked as I am, and oh boy, am I not shocked.

Just to run down the obvious.  An astonishing number of PROUD PEOPLE OF COLOR in my experience are themselves tremendous racists who manage to squeeze a continuous litany of racial accusations into their busy days.  This behavour gives me a headache in my eye, and a large pain in my ass.

And of course the entitlement attitude that this criminal individual 'deserves' the phone because of course she's a PROUD PERSON OF COLOR as opposed to the unfortunate possibility of being a 'white bitch."

Am I the only one around here fed up with being accused of racism by raging racists?

I doubt it.

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