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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hispanics plan citizenship clinics

Source: heraldnet

This article is one of the strongest arguments I've seen for the immigration restrictionist position.  Yes I said immigration, not illegal immigration, read on...
WASHINGTON - Hispanic members of Congress and other groups said Wednesday they will build on recent immigrant demonstrations by conducting citizenship workshops around the nation on July 1.

By helping more immigrants become citizens, the Hispanic lawmakers hope that they will increase the number of voters who might help defeat candidates considered anti-immigrant.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., said the workshops will "harness the power and potential of the massive marches and peaceful protests we have seen across the country" in response to a border security bill passed by the House.
So let me understand this. We are nice enough to allow these ingrate sons of bitches into this country, their response it to push us out of the way and attempt to tear the immigration door off it's hinges? Nice.

Oh, and let's not forget that RPW Luis Gutierrez once referred to my lovely wife as an 'enemy' for being a proud minutewoman.

The threats continue...
"We have shown our strength in numbers, we have shown our strength in economic power. Now it is time to show our strength at the voting booth," said Jaime Contreras, director of the National Capital Immigration Coalition, an immigration advocacy group.
I reiterate, we allowed these people a place at the table in this great land, their response? To drag the third world crapholes they call home over here, how lovely. This is the fundamental problem with immigration in a nutshell, too often people who come here seem to have no interest in this country beyond one thing, packing this country with millions more people like themselves, that's it, that's all I see.

I have no problem with any person, from any place that wishes to come here and make their lives as Americans. This is something entirely different, this is a threat, and a very specific threat to boot.

What they are saying is that they will flood our country with millions more socialist retards who will use the precious gift of voting in a democracy to tear down our laws and sink us down into the same muck they themselves were fortunate enough to escape.

All I have to look at to know I'm right are the sending countries we are talking about. They don't seem to be able to build democracies, economies, or even stable societies. So instead of coming here and appreciating all those things they agitate against the very elements that make this country so very attractive to potential immigrants.

This is why it's so vital that we take control of our selection criteria, not one person on this planet other than those born on this soil 'deserve' to be American citizens, not one. We need to get a whole hell of a lot choosier about who we allow in, we need a bouncer at the door.

I feel a chill down my back as I read this article, these people are a dagger pointed at the heart of America.  I feel like they've snuck in lying about their willingness to be a part of this great land, and as soon as they could they've turned around and decided they'd just go ahead and work against us.

I want to see legal immigration brought way down, way down.  We are importing millions of people who can't see past their ethnicity or the color of their skin.  That is a truly dangerous thing for a democratic republic.  It is an almost assured way to create our very own Quebec's, and why exactly would we want that?

When I read this story I'm reminded of the president extolling the wonderfulness of all immigrants. I'm also reminded that he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about, have we had wonderful immigrants move to this land, yep we have. Have we also gone out of our way to import monsters and fiends, yep we really have.

Immigration is not a simple issue. People come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, not all of them good. And of course not all people are good. This dewy eyed nonsense about how wonderful immigrants are is a fragile thing often undone by the truth.

I argue, as I always have that America is good for immigrants much more than immigrants are good for America, that's my position, I've seen the truth of it and I stand by it.

I did not start this fight as an "anti-immigrant," but articles like this have changed my mind.

H/T Beyond Borders

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