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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

100% Preventable: Honduran Ax Murders 9 Year Old

Source: 11alive
Ax Murder Prompted by Comment
Police believe young Jordin Paulder was brutally murdered because of a harmless comment he made while playing in the parking lot of his father's apartment complex in Sandy Springs on Monday night.

As a car drove by with four or five men inside, police say Jordin called out to the driver that something was wrong with a wheel. According to police, one of the men in the car then became enraged and made an obscene gesture at Jordin.

"The child apologized to the individual," said Corporal Gary Syblis. "The individual came out and ended up axing the child to death."

Police suspect the driver of the car and the other passengers took off, leaving the attacker behind.

Although they don't know for sure who committed the gruesome crime, police say right now all signs point to 21-year-old Santos Cabrera. Cabrera was shot and killed by police after he ran from the crime scene and assaulted an officer.

"There were some kids who were interviewed last night, and to my understanding, they may have pointed Santos out," said Lt. Carl Bryant. "But at this time, we still have to interview them in the right procedure."

Investigators said two young boys who were playing with Jordin witnessed the attack --including Jordin's 7-year-old brother.
On the upside, this piece of trash is dead. It is unknown currently if this best was a citizen. I really don't care, I'm just glad that he has achieved room temperature status.

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