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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Phishing Scam

Source: Mr. Right

This just in from our blog pal Mr. Right and a timely message it is indeed.  I received this email yesterday and luckily didn't click through...
Recently, I received numerous e-mail messages featuring the names of some trusted blogger friends, urging me to join some photo sharing service called "Ringo".

Alarm bells went off when I clicked through to the site and it started asking me for my e-mail password!

IMPORTANT TIP: When responding to anything whatsoever from a link in an e-mail, if it asks you for an existing password or for some other personal info, DON'T ENTER IT! EVER!!!

I sent out a note to the two individuals whose names were being used asking if this was legit, and, not surprisingly, one of them wrote me back and informed me that it was some sort of scam!

I figured it was important enough to share with the rest of you since I am certain I am not the only one being hit with this nonsense.

Please don't fall for this scam and, if you can, please help me get the word out! Thanks.
Like I said, I got this email yesterday from a fellow Chicago area blogger.  The gist is it appears to be a Flickr like photo service and they want you to sign up.  Don't!

Damn those Nigerians, Russians, Chinese, and well, pretty much everybody else.  I think we need to start wars with all of the above so they won't have so much time to think this crap up.  Just a thought, not a good thought, but a thought.

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