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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Other Side Of The Story

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As ticked as I am at illegal aliens I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy...
Border rapes cause alarm

McALLEN, Texas - Two attacks occurred shortly after midnight. The third came in bright daylight.

The terrible geometry of violence that draws smugglers, robbers and immigrants together at the border is expanding, say federal and local authorities investigating three recent attacks on illegal immigrants just south of here.

Border thugs on both sides of the Rio Grande have long preyed on illegal immigrants in crimes of opportunity. But the three incidents in Hidalgo County in May showed signs of a changing pattern for the human smugglers, Border Patrol officials say.

Smugglers - who extort thousands of dollars from immigrants to ferry them across the border - are teaming with criminals to rape and rob the immigrants along the way.

In the three incidents, 55 illegal immigrants were victimized, and five were sexually assaulted - all within a half-mile of the same weed-choked bend of the river.

"The coyotes (smugglers) tell the (immigrants) they'll track them down and kill them if they talk," said Roy Cervantes, spokesman for the Border Patrol's Rio Grande Valley sector in Edinburg, Texas. "And they know the (immigrants) don't have anyone they can turn to. It takes great courage for the women to report the rapes after what they've been through."

The exact number of sexual assaults committed against illegal immigrants along the border may never be known. The Border Patrol turns over complaints of violent crimes directed at illegal immigrants to local authorities for investigation. And it doesn't keep statistics on sexual assaults.

But officials at headquarters in Washington estimated that the Border Patrol receives reports on about three to four rapes a day of illegal immigrants along the 2,000-mile border - or 1,040 to 1,460 a year.

"These are just the reported rapes along both sides of the border made to our agents during interviews with those apprehended," said Border Patrol spokeswoman Maria Valencia. "We don't know about those we don't apprehend. And for those we do, it's very unusual for an illegal immigrant to report a sexual assault."

In the first incident, smugglers took a group of 29 immigrants, including 15 women, to a staging area on the Mexican side of the border. The smugglers then separated the women and sent them across the river first.

"When the women arrived on the U.S. side, three or four men emerged from the brush, armed with machetes and a handgun. They ordered the women to disrobe and then waited for the men to cross," said Cervantes. "They too are stripped."

The robbers knew to search the clothing for money and jewelry hidden in the seams, Cervantes said.

Then they turned their attention to the women - many of whom were molested. Three later reported they had been raped.

Over the next two weeks, two more women were similarly assaulted in separate attacks, including one raped in the middle of the afternoon after the Border Patrol stepped up night patrols along the river bend.
Look, here's the deal. The way to stop this isn't a guest worker program, do you know why? Because a guest worker program facilitates illegal immigration, it does, it really, really does.

I truly don't want this happening on our border and I haven't heard the president suggest anything that would stop it, which doesn't comport with my understanding of the word 'compassionate'.  I remember reading about the "rape trees" in the desert where the coyotes hang the panties of their conquests with tears in my eyes, and this thought pounding over and over in my head "this isn't my America."

We need to seal the border, we need to show strength, we need to show we're serious, deadly serious about taking control of our border.  This ridiculous notion that controlling our border is somehow un-American baffles me.  I don't think one brain cell was engaged ever in uttering that statement. 

Controlling our border is as American as apple pie, because if we don't at some point we cease to be a shining city on a hill and begin to take on the corrupt hues of our neighboring countries.  My eyes are not blind to the problems we face in this country, but let me tell you how I know beyond a shadow of a doubt we have not yet become Mexico...

You don't have to pay a bribe to receive your mail, you don't have to pay bribes to your childs teachers to receive grades, drug cartels are not yet controlling our streets, yet, not controlling, yet, but they are gaining strength every day that border hangs open.

Let me let you in on a little secret, at some point we will be putting no fooling troops on the border, muzzles pointed south.  See, we've been at war with Mexico for a couple of decades now, but we haven't taken notice of the mosquito draining our blood, yet.  We haven't been bothered to remove the leech that is sucking our blood, yet.  But that day is coming on slippered feet and what will you do when it arrives?

The quickest and best way for us to stop the horrors that are happening on our border is to shut it down no matter what it takes.  Unless you're comfortable with rape trees and their diseased fruit becoming the new statue of liberty.

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