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Thursday, June 08, 2006

If It's Good For The "Fox," It's Good For The Eagle

Heh, I'm not a gay man, not that there's anything wrong with that of course, but I believe I just fell in love...

Ms. Underestimated has a piece up with a statement made by Rep. John Linder tonight on a local news channel. A taste of the tastiness...
Reporter: President Bush has been talking up border security this week, but at least one lawmaker says if the White House were serious about solving the nation’s illegal immigration crisis, it would follow Mexico’s lead. Mexico has some of the toughest illegal immigration laws on the books. Representative John Linder has introduced legislation that would impose restrictions similar to Mexico’s.

Linder: So I thought I’d put a bill in the hopper that just totally mimics what Mexico has; with tough punishments, felonies, deportation, and let’s get it in the mix and talk about it.
That my friends is a thing of beauty.

Read it!

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