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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The President Killed Zarqawi?

Source: The Radio Equalizer
For conservative talkers, the effect has been both immediate and dramatic. Sweeping away the recent gloom and doom over the GOP's sad state of affairs (especially given frustration with Bush over the illegal immigration issue), these developments provide a huge morale boost.
Um, while I'm very glad our brave men and women managed to de-alive this POS, why would that change my frustration with the president?

Has he suddenly denounced his desire to kill this country? Has he renounced his hatred of Americans? His mad -- mad love of Mexicans?

I didn't think so. So what, I'm at a bit of a loss here, yes, it's delightful that zarqawi isn't soiling the same oxygen we breathe, but our president is still desperate to kill this country through his foolish love of a corrupt foreign land.

This really is perplexing, so since zarqawi's dead we should cut the president slack on his terrible position on illegal immigration? I need somebody really smart to explain this to me.

I am glad to give the president his due when he does something I agree with, but I'm hardly going to suddenly accept the president's hare-brained and foolish ideas about immigration simply because our most excellent military did the very thing they do best.

What the hell is the connection?

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