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Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Wheels Are Coming Off

Tina J. Benkiser, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas wrote this piece for the Republican Party of Texas Blog.  I understand here that she was unwilling to go on record with these sentiments a few scant months ago, oh how things change.  Thank you president Bush for galvanizing the American people and your own party against this nation killing foolishness, thank you.

A taste of the goodness...
The United States cannot be an example of liberty when our current contradictory immigration policies create incentives for other countries to encourage illegal immigration. Not enforcing the law is neither reasonable nor compassionate. Our immigration policy can be good for America while motivating other nations to examine their own political systems and rid them of corruption, establish a credible rule of law, stabilize their own economies, and institute real liberty for their people. As Americans, we must remember who we are as nation and what we stand for. Standing boldly for those values is the only way to honor those who have shed blood for the liberty with which we have been entrusted and to advance the cause of liberty around the world.
Couldn't. Agree. More!

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