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Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Teaser

Did you read the piece in the past post?  No?  Why?

Check this out...(tastiness bolded)
Before rushing into a new amnesty or temporary worker program, let’s learn from the past. Based on history and extensive research on these so-called solutions, they are likely to fail. Citing serious shortcomings in the handling of the current temporary-worker programs all of which are smaller than anything being contemplated now, a 2004 report by the U.S.-Mexico Binational Council indicated that a guest-worker program would be “a recipe for failure.” Early temporary worker programs were known as bracero programs, the last of which was terminated due to the exploitation of foreign workers. Interestingly, that termination resulted in wage increases that led to productivity improvements and a fall in real prices of affected goods. A more recent utter failure was the Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1986. This compromise Act gave amnesty to illegal aliens in exchange for imposing penalties on employers of illegal aliens, with the promise of strict enforcement. With little to no actual enforcement, illegal immigration soared to the estimated 11-20 million here today. Amnesty didn’t work in 1986, and it won’t work today. It’s just another word for surrender. What kind of attitude is “you can’t stop it so you may as well legalize it?” Americans deserve better than that.
It's all that folks, read it!

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