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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Which Of These Things...

Is not like the other...

So, let's examine this photo shall we?  It was snapped at the current San Diego County Fair and these flags have been flying for the last several weeks.

In the center we have old glory, since the fair is being held in the United States this makes perfect sense.

The flag to the right is the state flag of California, again, as the fair is being held in the great state of Mexifornia this adds up.

And to the left we have the flag of Mexico?  Ummm, is this fair being held in Mexico?  No, it's in the US, more specifically Mexifornia.  Um, is it a Mexican fair?  Nope, it is the fair of an American county.

So why in the hell is the flag of a sovereign country which we are currently at war with flying over American soil?

If you are so inclined please call the fair and ask them...

The phone # to the Del Mar Fair is 858-755-1161, then press 0. The number to the Del Mar City Manager is 858-755-9313.

Immigration watchdog suggests the call be a polite one, I leave it to your discretion.

H/T immigration watchdog

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