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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Anti-illegal immigration billboards feature upside down U.S. flag

Source: Fox21

(crybaby BS bolded for your reading pleasure)
ASHEVILLE, N.C. Some Buncombe County Republicans have posted a billboard using a Mexican flag flying above an upside-down American flag to call attention to illegal immigration.
The billboard includes the words "Had Enough?" It was posted on July 13th and is scheduled to run for a month.

Supporters say the billboards aren't about targeting certain races or the area's legal immigrants. The president of the Buncombe County Republican Action Club says it has an issue with lawbreakers, adding that demands that illegal immigrants should be treated like citizens is, in the president's words, "a bit over the top."

Local immigrant leaders say the billboards have generated concerned e-mails and phone calls, and they worry the signs could offend and scare both legal and illegal immigrants. One advocate for Asheville-area Hispanics is telling people to ignore the billboards.
You know what?  I think if a legal immigrant is, and I quote, "offended and scared" by the simple act of someone telling the truth?  Perhaps they don't have the stuff to be Americans.

Maintaining a democracy is a serious business, and these folks are not serious people, in fact I would say they've demonstrated pretty clearly that they have no business impersonating Americans.

H/T beyond borders blog

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