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Monday, July 24, 2006

Show Prep 072406: The Pence Ploy

Hour One

Hooray for Hollywierd!

Jake and MJ watched a bunch of movies this weekend including "Subject Two" "Second Chance" "The Pirates Of The Caribbean II" and "American History X."

The question of the day is this: does it make one a nazi to be involved with the MInutemen?

The ongoing Media bias...

MInutemen start scuffle?


Is everyone on the planet "entitled" to come to America illegally?  This grown up anchor baby says yes.

Hour Two

If Jake has managed to get his time zones straight we'll be talking with Bryanna Bevens.  Since we only have one phone line if you have any questions call in during the first hour and I'll relay them for you.

We'll be talking about the "Pence Ploy."

Here are her vigorous fiskings of Mr. Pence's shamnesty offering...

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Hour Three

Your moment of Atzlan

Illegal immigration news

Your daily dose of patriotic music

If you want to call in the # is: 1-888-407-1776



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