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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Take A Moment & Think About This

I know it hurts, but try...

Source: KVOA

(Utterly stupid and nation killing statement bolded for your reading pleasure as always)...
A controversial billboard has been moved from Tucson's Southside to north of Downtown. The conservative nonprofit group put the billboard up last Friday at Interstate 10 and South 6th Avenue. The billboard says, "Stop the Invasion, Secure our Borders." The message is a reference to illegal immigrants coming to the United States. When Elizabeth and Marvella Vargas left Gym's Fitness Center Friday morning, they noticed that the billboard was down, and the women were glad. Elizabeth Vargas says, "My parents came as illegal immigrants and they came for a better life, and I feel everyone is entitled to that." Marvella Vargas says, "I think (the billboard) it's just racist. To come down here in this particular area of town, this is primarily a Hispanic neighborhood.
"I feel everyone is entitled to that?"



6 Billion people?



It might just be me, but I think this lady is the poster child for why we need to end the 'Anchor Baby' situation pronto, if not sooner.  Before we allow too many freaking idiot anchor babies to tear this country down any further. 


6 Billion?

You do the math.

Oh, and on the "racist" bit?  Yeah, nice try, but it's so played, so played!

H/T immigration news daily

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