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Saturday, July 22, 2006


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As the immigration debate grips Congress, the issue is inspiring new songs by Latin artists.

The latest high-profile example is “Se Que Triunfare” (”I Will Triumph”), a song recorded June 28 by a group of prominent regional Mexican artists.

Envisioned as a sort of brotherhood hymn, the track boasts straight-ahead lyrics (”I’m the one who fixes your car, without having a driver’s license/It’s me who night after night asks the heavens for an opportunity”) intended to stir an emotional response.

Audiences will probably take it seriously because the people behind the song have all witnessed firsthand the trials and tribulations of immigrant life. Among the singers are Jenni Rivera, Conjunto Primavera lead singer Tony Melendez, Tucanes de Tijuana lead singer Mario Quintero, Los Horoscopos de Durango singers Vicky and Marisol Terrazas and El Chapo.
Triumph?  Much like the phrase made ubiquitous at the massive "estupido" illegal marches and rallies earlier this summer..."SI SI Peude" I note the threatening tone once again.

As my smart wife says, there's no apology here, no acknowledgement of having done anything wrong, simply, "we will triumph."

Well, how do they define triumph?  Gaining citizenship?  Getting to stay?  Taking back the southwest?  Destroying this country?

And what if this triumph leads to the dissolution of this great country?  Is it still worth it, idiot Mayor Bloomberg and lapdog Lindsay Graham for you to have a nice golf course?

H/T beyond borders blog

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