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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tell Me Again How Conservatives Support The president's "Kill America First Immigration Dealie?"

Source: tulsaworld
President Bush twice carried Oklahoma by wide margins and still enjoys a relatively high approval rating in the state, but the most recent Oklahoma Poll finds voters increasingly at odds with him on immigration issues.

Of the 1,060 likely voters surveyed July 8-11 by for the Tulsa World and KOTV, channel 6, only one-third said they approve of the way Bush is handling immigration.

More than half -- 54 percent -- said they disapprove; 12 percent offered no opinion.

This reminds of the time I was reading Blogs For Bush and they were lambasting his immigration schemes and I thought to myself, Mr. President if you've lost the support of a blog whose sole purpose is supporting you, there's nowhere left to fall.
H/T beyond borders blog



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