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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Import Scum And Get?

Source: The Statesman

Video and H/T here.
TYLER, Texas — A Mexican national was sentenced to 14 life terms in prison after pleading guilty to shooting a state trooper and firing on other officers during a car chase.

Ramon Armando Ramos, 38, pleaded guilty Tuesday to 14 counts of aggravated assault on a public servant with a deadly weapon for the March 22 gunfight.
Life? These pieces of offal get to live? Oh no, they should be hung by the neck until dead and their carcasses and crap filled pants should be hung over the shiny new border fence as a warning.

One other thing, kudos to the Statesmen for yet another misleading detail. If you watch the video you will see the officer never unholstered his weapon, yet the paper refers to this as a 'gunfight?'

Being the helpful fellow I am allow me to correct their illegal fellating BS. These criminal scum, these foreign soldiers operating on our soil overwhelmed this cop two to one, they cut him down in cold blood and as such it would be merely just to allow them to dry to jerky draped over the border fence. Even crows need to eat, and nothing would give me more pleasure than to know these savages' eyes were being shit out by crows right now.

And no, it makes precisely no difference to me that the cop survived, when an illegal alien dirtbag has the audacity to do this, in this country, the very least we could do is take them out behind the woodshed and do the world a favor, and stop them from soiling the same oxygen we all must breathe.

When you import savages don't be surprised when you get savagery.

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