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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mildred Knocks it Out of the Park

Hats off to Mildred Fischer, who wrote a tremendous letter to The Free Lance-Star. A taste of the goodness...

SEN. EDWARD KENNEDY'S Independence Day commentary ["This Fourth of July, let's remember: We're a nation of immigrants"] is more propaganda than truth. When Walt Whitman wrote about "a teaming of nations," immigrants came to the United States legally. Illegal aliens come now. The debate is not about entitlement to citizenship. It is about illegal immigration.

Let Kennedy show one community where illegals made a contribution. Our future does not depend on illegal aliens. It depends on Americans. Standing on the Mall during the recent immigration demonstration, did he not see foreign flags and anti-American signs?

Illegal aliens are not undocumented workers. They have broken U.S. immigration laws and are criminals. American workers will take jobs for decent wages, causing prosperity twofold. With a decent wage, American workers would have more disposable income, which would stay in this country, not go south of the border. Also, there would be a lighter burden on the social infrastructure--education, health care, welfare; no translators in hospitals and government offices solely to benefit aliens; no money wasted providing instructions and directions in a foreign language.
Read the rest of Mildred's take here!

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