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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dick Morris: Off Base

Source; NYPost

Dick Morris recently penned this tripe....
A recent poll by Tarrance Associates shows how out-of-touch the House leadership is with rank and file Republican voters. Far from appeasing the "base" by their tough position on immigration, they are alienating the very voters upon whom they most depend...
The Post just printed some replies, here's a taste...
Morris has sold out to Bush's "comprehensive" immigration plan.

The Manhattan Institute poll is so far off course that it is laughable.

Why do these shills want to destroy America? Do corporate profits mean that much to them?

The resultant population drain and strain on our social programs will surely reduce the United States to just another Euro-type weakling.

Forget phony comprehensive plans.

First, build a continuous border wall and enforce existing laws that heavily fine employers of illegal immigrants.

Then, restrict social welfare programs to citizens.

This is not rocket science.

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Heh, read the whole thing if you need a laugh!

H/T stolen shamelessly from Lonewacko

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