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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mexico Desperate to Man Polling Places

NO! I don't believe it! Source: AP/Yahoo!

Laughing points bolded for your snorting pleasure.

VALLECILLO, Mexico - This town of farmers and cattle ranchers has about 1,300 registered voters. But officials had to spend weeks begging residents before they found the 14 people needed to staff its two polling places on Sunday.

Days before the hotly contested presidential election, observers say voting sites across the country still lack enough people to provide a crucial first defense against a return to Mexico's fraudulent electoral past.
But wait -- it gets better...

Many towns have been depleted, their able adults now in the United States. Of those who remain, many simply refused, saying they couldn't afford to miss work.
Those left behind in Mexico may not be able to afford to miss work, but their amigos who have entered our country by the millions didn't have any qualms about missing a day at their ILLEGAL jobs to take to the streets and demand amnesty, legalization...and citizenship, so they can VOTE.

Unlike other countries where poll workers are volunteers, Mexico drafts much of its election day staff, in a process similar to jury duty in the United States.

--- SNIP ---

More than 900,000 workers will be needed to set up polling places and check voter rosters Sunday across Mexico, and even some of those who have agreed to help out may not show up, forcing electoral authorities to grab the first few voters and draft them into service.

--- SNIP ---

In Vallecillo, a cluster of homes and businesses hugging a highway to the Texas border, authorities spent weeks trying to track down poll workers. Because so many of the town's residents have migrated to the United States, and the rest refused to take part, they had to keep moving down the list of registered voters to find candidates.
Is this really who we want to forgive, en masse, for entering our country illegally, driving down wages, and taking to our streets to demand special breaks that citizens certainly don't get?

Nope. Me neither.

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