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Monday, July 31, 2006

Kaus On Crazy Ass John Fund And America's "Need" For A Bracero Program

Source: Kausfiles
The Fund Challenge: The Wall Street Journal's John Fund has been arguing the virtues of a revived bracero program with a repetitive vigor that borders on desperation. He reasons, non-crazily, that any successful immigration reform will have to provide take into account the labor demands of U.S. employers by allowing some immigrant workers into the country. Fund also argues, along with the rest of the "comprehensive" chorus, that Congress absolutely must pass a law to reform immigration this year (as long as it's a law they agree with). ...

So here's a deal for Fund and his confederates: What if Congress passes a House-style enforcement bill, but adds to it a sizable bracero (guest worker) program--but that program is limited to foreign workers who haven't broken the law by entering the country illegally. In other words, "new" braceros only. No legalization of existing illegals, either directly (as in Bush-style "comprehensive" reform) or through the Pence Scam (which would let illegals jump the queue by arranging with their current U.S. employers for "earmarked" guest worker slots).**
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