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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Go Here, Read This..

I would like to nominate Mr. Venkat Mullur into the pantheon of great Americans. As I have said repeatedly, I believe in my heart that any person can be an American, but it requires something more than simply being here or holding papers.

It requires a love of this country to be a true American and I am reduced to tears when I read this man's heartfelt cry for his adopted country...
I am a naturalized American, having originally come to this great country, in 1991, from India.

Words cannot even begin to describe the incredible sense of loss, helplessness, and anger I feel when I see the pernicious effects of uncontrolled, unbridled illegal immigration. Rapidly deteriorating neighborhoods in and around my home city Chicago, rising gang crimes, trash on the streets of Schaumburg where I live, and overcrowded apartment complexes in Hoffman Estates - these are but some of the visible signs of rapid degradation in our quality of lives. This apart, in this article, I will focus on the sheer hypocrisy of those in this country that are directly benefiting from illegal entry of aliens into this country. We shall also examine some of the "arguments" put forth freely and cynically by the elites to fool the American people into believing that illegal aliens are somehow good for this country.
Please read the whole thing.

H/T immigration watchdog



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