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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Oh, Yeah, I almost Forgot...

Source: ncwn

This pertains to the previous story immediately below this one.  Our chuckleheaded Jihadi said this upon capture...
"I'm a Muslim American;"
Uh-huh, coupla things dirtbag. Presence in this country no more makes you an "American" than my being lodged in Ruben Studdard's sphincter makes me his "special friend."

Let me perfectly, ridiculously clear where I stand here. If a person espouses Jihadi opinions, thoughts, or actions, that person, is by very definition, NOT an American!

If a Nazi spy were caught amonst the populace during WWII would you jump up and down and proclaim their American qualities?

One doubts it, doubts it most highly.

I feel I must employ my standard phrase for when this situation arises...

"Import savages, get savagery."

It truly ain't complicated folks. When you let in Jihadi's don't act amazed that you reap Jihadi actions and responses from nice little savages such as this fellow. I have zero patience for the "but most are really very nice" argument.

Really? Is this true? If so, how do you know it's true?

I do know that every so often we have to kill or jail several of our "New Americans" for wishing to destroy this country. Not exactly a glowing endorsement for inclusion, or am I wrong?



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