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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Senate Bill: A Nightmare?

Source: Polipundit

Michael Cutler, Former Examiner, Inspector, and Special Agent (INS) :
“My fear is that because we are dealing with millions of illegal aliens who, in the parlance of the open borders advocates, are undocumented, have no verifiable means of proving their true identities. This means that if this program were enacted, these millions of illegal aliens would be able to go to an immigration office, assume any identity they found convenient and receive official identity documents from our government. It would be a simple matter for a terrorist or criminal, to walk into such an office, provide a false name to the over-worked bureaucrat at USCIS who will probably be given only a minute or two at most to interview each applicant.”
Michael Maxwell, Former Director of the Office of Security and Investigations (USCIS):
“Implementation of the Senate bill would codify the nightmare and ensure that the criminals, terrorists, and foreign intelligence operatives who have already gamed our immigration system are issued legal immigration documents and allowed to stay permanently.”
More juicyness at the link.

Oh, and the use of the word "parlance" has given me a vocabulary woodie!

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