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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Show Prep 072706: The "Pence Ploy"

Welcome to America -- Now Speak English is coming at ya live today at noon, we're pleased to welcome Bryanna Bevens on to talk about the Hutchinson-Pence bill.  Another in a long line of bad bills that rely on lies and obfuscation to exist, because if people really knew what was in them, politicians would find their rear ends orbiting Uranus (yeah, I went there, sue me!)

Hour One:  The Other War

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Sheriff says border violence worsening

Drug and smuggling gangs controlling Mexican border territory are proving an increasingly violent and sophisticated threat to Texas border law enforcement, Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzales told a state Senate committee Wednesday.

"The weapons we possess are like water guns compared to what they have," Gonzales said. "They're trying to scare us away from the border."

Gonzales, representing the Texas Border Sheriffs' Coalition, was one of more than a dozen witnesses testifying before the Committee on Transportation and Homeland Security. The panel was in South Texas for a hearing on border security and funding for sheriffs along the border.

Gonzales said federal efforts to protect the U.S. side of the border have failed, allowing foreign criminals to infiltrate Texas counties — in some cases just to commit violent crimes before slipping back into Mexico.

"Many murders committed in Laredo were committed by Mexican gang members," he said. "(Improvised Explosive Devices) seized in Laredo, we think were being brought to Mexico to be used against us."

Laredo is in Webb County, just west of Zapata County. Gonzales said that in his own county, residents have reported men marching two abreast, carrying backpacks and automatic weapons. He recounted the barrage of gunfire coming at Hidalgo County sheriff's deputies from across the Rio Grande this month.

"It's not just illegal immigrants," he said. "Something more frightening is happening."

Steve McCraw, the governor's director of homeland security, said: "I call them organized crime. They're no longer traffickers."
Hour Two: Bryanna Bevens Fisks The "Pence Ploy"

It seems to me that even good, non America hating conservatives are lining up behind the Hutchinson-Pence debacle.  Bryanna Bevens of Vdare has been following the bill closely and will share with us what's really going on with the "Pence Ploy."

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Hour Three:

Illegal immigration news

Do they have the stuff to be Americans?



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