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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Show Prep: 071906 "Gran Estupido Marches"

Hour one

The estupidos are taking to the streets of my fair city again today. Thousands of estupidos will be demanding citizenship from a country they've broken into, and from which they are currently stealing the American dream.

Here's my big beef, big marches are, first of all, a tool of the loopy left. But more importantly, these grand estupido marches are how they handle things in a banana republic. Which, unfortunately the United Economy of America is rapidly devolving into. In fact we just witnessed Mexican presidential candidate Senor Labrador massing a million people in Mexico to protest his near win.

Is this how we want things done here? And common sense tells us if you keep massing people in the streets like this, it's almost inevitable that something bad is going to happen.

Let's put this another way, these street marches by large groups of non-citizens are a form of terrorism. In two ways, first they are saying look at these numbers weak willed and pusillanimous politicians, the problem with this approach is our politicians are weak and foolish and seem to think that large numbers of aliens protesting in the streets is a good thing.

But if you've been paying attention, the leaders of these rallies have been ratcheting up the rhetoric. Now, they say, they will accept no compromise except that the doors of our immigration system be wrenched off their hinges and everybody on the planet gets to come to Disneyland.

Well, this is the time for Americans to stand up and say we've had enough. Time to vote some of these illegal fellating jokers out of office. Time to remove these estupido miscreants by the damn scruff of their necks.

Karl Rove: Illegal Immigration? Si, ees a good thing senor
...Rove said the immigration system was "absolutely broken" relative to illegal entrants. He expounded in detail about efforts to diminish illegal crossings, including the number of repeated attempts by Mexicans, whom he said account for 85% of illegals. He said six million illegal immigrants are estimated to have entered the country since 2001. "We're doing the darndest things you can imagine," to improve the situation, and have had success in such areas as reducing the number of days captured illegal immigrants are detained.

"We've got to have a temporary border program that allows people to come hear for a reasonable time. We know people do not come here to stay in America...most of Mexicans want to get a nest egg and go home."

Rove also said it was impractical and destabilizing to consider forcing 10 million to 12.5 million estimated long time illegal immigrant cohort to "get the hell out of here," and it would have a disruptive economic impact as well.
LoneWacko wants to know what would happen if we tried to deport them, would they riot?  Will the Bush administration which has served as an enabler of illegal immigration take any responsibiltiy for this.

Magic eight ball sez "doubtful."

No National Security Danger?

Or so the left and our president would have you believe. This came in via a listener email, thanks to Steve @ "The Blue Square" who asks why we use radio terminology when we are clearly a bunch of amateurs? Well Steve it's simple, we're a bunch of idiots! And thanks for the mention on your blog.

Back to the story...
July 18, 2006 -- More than four dozen illegal immigrants have been arrested in recent days trying to get access to the Fort Bragg U.S. Army installation in North Carolina. Almost all were using fake identification.

Fort Bragg is far from alone. Immigration and customs agents have been arresting hundreds of undocumented workers at some of the nation's most sensitive facilities.

Since 911, at 196 of the nation's airports, federal agents have discovered more than 1,100 undocumented workers.

While there is no evidence these recent cases are tied to terrorism, that is a nagging concern for the government.

"The fact of the matter is, that if they are using phony documents and we don't know who these people are, there's a chance that they could be terrorists or criminals with sinister intentions," John Clark, deputy assistant secretary for ICE told ABC News in June. "It's a huge problem, so we have to concentrate on the areas we think are going to be the most dangerous to the public."
When you couple this fact with the fact that Islamic folk have been crossing the border disguised as Hispanics it definitely becomes much more ominous.

In fact, when coupled with the recent threats against America from Hezbollah, I'm positively incensed that this president and his knucklehead in chief Karl Rove continue the happy smiley talk about good hearted folk pouring over the southern border.

I'm insulted and you should be too!

The Gran Estupido March -- Chicago, July 19 Hour two

Chicago is being treated to another mass uprising today, courtesy of our overwhelming numbers of illegal aliens.  Joining us on the show today is Dave Gorak.  Dave heads up the Midwest Coalition To Reduce Immigration one of the many citizen run groups fighting for the future of this country.

Dave recently penned a couple of pieces for Vdare, which prompted me to pick up the phone and give him a call.

The second link is to a piece entitled "Anarchy in Chicago": Ready for Part II?  In it he pastes this quote from local pro-illegal psychopaths...
In recent weeks, some of the organizers’ rhetoric and positions have become more forceful. After expressing general support for immigrants in the first two marches, many organizers now say they want a plan that legalizes all immigrants, They say they will not accept a compromise.
Hour Three

Welcome To America -- Now Speak English has a well placed spy on the ground at the "Gran estupido March."  We should be receiving live reports from the scene during this hour.

As always we'll have "Your moment of Atzlan."  Today's Racist is Mario Obledo, founding member/former national director of the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund (MALDEF), former secretary Health/Welfare.  The audio clips come courtesy of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform.

Illegal Immigration News

Upcoming guests:

Tomorrow we hope to have Bryanna Brevens of Vdare on to talk about Mike Pence's new Shamnesty bill.

Here's a little light reading to get you up to speed...

Hey Mike Pence! Amnesty Is The Absence Of Punishment—Not The Presence of Reward!

Pence Ploy Part II: Security, Smugglers And Scapegoats

And on Friday we're hoping to have Roy Warden on to talk about his travails with the law after he burnt a Mexican flag.  If you haven't heard this story, It's a humdinger!

If there's anybody you'd like us to get on the show shoot me an email and let me know. My email address is



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