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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tom Tancredo Sez: Clinton Better Than Bush On The Border

Darnell from the Independent Conservative has a smokin' piece up that unfortunately dismantles President Bush's many claims vis-a-vis his administrations work toward guarding our southern border.

The reality is this administrations record on the border is hideous, and though he talks big, the president flat out refuses to enforce the law. 

Exhibit 1...
King said Rove told lawmakers Bush is sincere about enforcement. But, he added, "The president doesn't want to enforce immigration law because he's afraid he'll inconvenience someone who wants to come into the country for a better life."
Can you square this circle?  Because I most certainly can't.  People tell me all the time how trustworthy the president is, fine, I suppose that would exclude the times when he's flat out lying, a presidential exception perhaps?

Read Darnell's piece and get angry.  Big business wants cheap labor.  Big business feels that no matter the cost to our society, our culture, our country, they will have their low wage peons.

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