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Monday, July 10, 2006

WAR Radio: An Update & An Apology

Hey all!

We (Wide Awakes Radio) were supposed to go live again yesterday morning and were working like busy little chipmunks into the wee hours Saturday night to get everything just so.  And then something odd happened, our server guy (which means as little to me as it does to you), the fellow who handles our internet streaming, disappeared.  We are actually growing somewhat concerned.  The management (Kender) is looking into another host and we are moving just as fast as we can to make the switch and get this thing up and running.

I now understand that we are experiencing a technical glitch which bright, shiny men in lab coats are addressing as we speak. I have suggested a swift kick, but the lab coat guys don't feel this is the most efficacious solution.

Will update as I have more news

I want you to know that every host is chomping at the bit to go on, and we are waiting most impatiently for this situation to be resolved.

So for me and veryone here at WAR radio I'm sorry that we're not up yet and I ask that you hold tight, we'll be up just as soon as we possibly can.


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