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Friday, July 07, 2006

It's Starting

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Criminals Target Border Patrol

A close call for a southern Arizona Border Patrol Agent. It appears somebody wanted to blow up his unmarked car.

The agent noticed someone had placed a homemade incendiary device near the vehicle parked at his Sierra Vista home. The device, a soda bottle filled with bullet shells did not go off. Sierra Vista Police and FBI Agents are investigating the incident.

It's just the latest in a growing number of attacks targeting border agents.

Gustavo Soto said, "There were several items laying around the vehicle that indicated that the vehicle attempted to be tortured or set fire in some way. In this case who what could have happened. Our agent could have been seriously harmed had this attempt occurred while the vehicle was being started.

It's just the latest in a growing number of attacks targeting border agents. Criminals faced with tougher border enforcement are becoming more desperate to move cargo of drugs and people into this country.

If it isn't rocks, it's gunshots. Assaults against agents are at an all time high. So, when the violence goes up agents don't back down.

"There's always the possibility that narcotic organizations and alien smuggling are going to target officers and their family."
And let's understand something, as we tighten border security this will only get worse. We have had an undeclared war raging on this border for years. An unequal war with the Mexican military and drug cartels on one side, and the outgunned and undermanned border patrol on the other.

Blood will flow.

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