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Friday, July 07, 2006

William F. Buckley?

Asshat or genius?  You decide...

Here is the coda of his ridiculous treatise on illegal immigration...(This guy had something to do with formulating conservative thought, no? Was he always this shrill and incoherent?)
Even if that (sealing the border) succeeds, we are left with the illegals we have. Uprooting them would prove as wrenching as the uprooting of the blacks from Africa 300 years ago. Will the class of Americans who are directly affected by the alien company insist on deportation? Or will they settle for sealing the border?
Hokay-doky smokey. Other than the fact that, no, indeed it wouldn't be anything like uprooting "the blacks from Africa" what a marvelous thing. Here we have the "father" of the modern conservative movement attempting to guilt trip us so he can continue to enjoy his modern day slaves, wow, as a conservative I feel like I was just dipped in dung and rolled around inside Michael Moore's trousers, aren't I a lucky boy?

Is there some chance we can put Buckley out to stud? Perhaps a fake think tank where he can write credulous screeds of this ilk in crayon and the carefully disguised nurse will pat him on his narrow head and casually dump them in the garbage?

Just a thought.

H/T Michelle Malkin

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