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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Right Wing Bloggers Polled On Immigration!

Mr. Hawkins over at Right Wing news has done several interesting polls this year regarding immigration.  He has just posted another one.  What's interesting to me is how astonishingly similar the views are, most categories garnering over 2/3's support.

Read here.

Bloggers and blog readers are obviously a bit more plugged in to what's going on.  I read more news stories than a lot of people we know and spend more time thinking about this kind of stuff, but this is the conclusion I draw from this poll.  As Americans learn more about the senate immigration bill and Mr. Pence's offering I think you'll se opinion harden against them. 

It will take time, since the media has decided it doesn't like America, and for that reason I bless the house for a period in which the truth might seep out in spite of the embargoed media's best efforts to supress the truth.



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