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Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Friendly" Neighbor Update

Source: MS-13 News and analysis
More severed human heads have been found on the west coast of Mexico. 2 were found today outside of a government office in Acapulco, and remain unidentified. They were found with a note that read,”One more message, dirtbags, so that you learn to respect". Yesterday, the head of a Mexican soldier, Hugo Carpio Garcia, was found outside of City Hall in Acapulco with a similar note signed "Z". Apart from these beheadings, a severed human head washed up on a tourist beach in Acapulco earlier this month. These beheadings follow a similar incident in April in which the severed heads of two police officers were left with a similar note. As Mexican authorities struggle to determine which head goes with which body, many have blamed the violence on the drug trade and have took the note signed "z" to mean the Zetas are responsible.

Wow! The number of people being decapitated on the west coast of Mexico is becoming significant. I count five severed heads that this article reports were found in the vicinity of Acapulco this month. I posted a story a few days ago detailing the kidnapping an killing of 3 police officers in Rosarito Beach, south of Tijuana, Mexico. They, along with an unknown civilian, were found decapitated. here is the link to my earlier post. Together there have been 9 severed heads found near the west coast of Mexico in the past 3 months. The Mexican attorney generals office has attributed this tactic to MS-13, which reporting indicates works with the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas. Additionally, if in fact this tactic is appearing on the west coast and Tijuana drug corridor it cold indicate MS-13 working with the Tijuana cartel AKA Arellanos Felix Cartel.
No matter what happens here this is going to get ugly, excuse me, uglier, and this is and will continue to spill over into America. Let's not forget that IED's have been found cached in Texas.

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