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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Don't Judge A Book...

It's endlessly fascinating to me to browse through the blogosphere and take in the wide variety of opinions and attitudes held by my fellow Americans. Often you can tell quite a bit about where a person stands by how their page looks.

A quick example. Last summer my lovely wife and I released a CD of patriotic music, one of the ways we attempted to market it was through blogs. I looked at a couple of thousand blogs during this time and became fairly expert at gauging a person's political orientation via just the look of their site. For example the majority of liberals (99.99%) never have an American flag graphic, while a majority of conservative sites do. That's merely one example there were other things as well and if you'd like to know what they are you can send a self addressed, stamped envelope to..."Jake's big screen TV fund c/o..."

So while doing a Technorati search tonight I came across this page and assumed from the look of it and the gentleman's picture that he would support illegal immigration.

I was wrong. Like I said, endlessly fascinating.



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