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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mexico? Corruption? Say It Ain't So!

Source: Minuteman blog

(See bolded bit for Mexican corruption)
The NG leadership explained their Rules Of Engagement to us, "Observe, Spot and Report to USBP". No contact. No detaining. Observe and report. While these well armed soldiers were set up to spot and report, they detailed to us the stories they've collected over the past 2 weeks how the Mexican federales will bring a Mexican HumVee up to the border fence, and the NG would bring 4 to match them. They explained that they learned when the federales brought up a Humvee, that's when the drugs were about to move across the border. They told of the stories of watching groups of illegals come across with children. They also explained that although they are there to help secure that area of the border, admitting that the would-be illegal aliens are now being forced to cross at other locations.



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