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Monday, August 28, 2006

Tanker Bros. Slimed: By The Forces Of Tolerance?


I have had the pleasure of conversing with The Master Gunner for almost a year now.  He calls me and MJ one of his 'wingmen,' an appelation we are ridiculously proud of having earned.

MG and I do not always agree, which has precisely nothing to do with the high esteem and honor I hold him in as one of our nation's protectors.  One who has given much in service of this great country as all our vets and currently serving personnel have done since this nation's founding.

We love the guy, I love the guy, so to read this didn't make Jake a happy camper...
Today, the Tanker Brothers were called, among other things:

1. Hate Mongers
2. Murderers "killing innocent people"
3. Brainwashed
4. Foolish
5. Macho Nutcases
6. Clowns
7. Traitors
8. Brain damaged
9. Nazi Propagandists

And that was in one post.
His posts are here, and here, I'll wait while you read them.

Gunner tipped me to an idea articulated by JP at suggesting that this was a new tactic of the left. Unfortunately like all new tactics of the left, it's an old tactic, smearing the troops.

Here's what Gunner wrote about why he started his excellent blog...
Our sole motivation, the thing that keeps us going, is that we refuse to allow the guys and gals we've fought alongside to get the same treatment our Dad and his buddies got when he returned from his second tour in Vietnam. I think the only thing I wasn't called today was a Baby Killer. But I know it's coming.
Here's where the salty language starts if you don't care to read that sort of thing I'll understand, but it needs to be said, out loud, by a citizen of this country.

Attention trash and filth masquerading as citizens of this great country. You apear to be under the misapprehension that there is no consequence to your maligning a good man. A good man who has undertaken to protect your sorry, inconsequential ass and said smelly asses ability to malign him. How powerful of you, how magnimonious of you to speak ill of one who is your better in every way, in every single fucking way.

I realize I'm speaking to the retarded here so I'll type slowly. Even if you disagree with the current policy has it never occured to you that this gentleman could very well be asked and tasked to actually, physically save your life? No? That's because your an idiot liberal who is incapable of seeing anything other than aborted babies, racism and human genitals. You disgust me, you sub-human trash.

As to your oh-so-brave tactic of trolling milblogs?  Here's a thought...GROW UP!!  I realize in liberal land you think you ARE the grown up, how do I put this in english...Ha!

Listen up you hippies and assorted socialist, communist, anarchist scum. I am pledging myself to something and I ask all actual Americans to join me. If I ever witness a low-life retard liberal spit on or in any way mistreat a soldier in my presence I need you to understand something.


Let me explain to you in great detail how I envision this happening, I will first grab your hair and yank your head back, then I will punch you in your stomach as hard as I'm able, which is pretty hard. This will be followed by a slap across your bitch face, to be repeated as many times as necessary to make you cry like the little girls you truly, truly are. Or until the cops pull me off your sorry, smelly ass.

Male or female makes no difference, this is my solemn vow. You will not be allowed to treat our soldiers as shamefully as your pitiful forebearers did after the Vietnam war. Many of those veterans still suffer shame due to those despicable actions.

Never again.

I will cheerfully go to jail to protect our brave men and women who would never respond in this fashion, why? Because they are infinitely better human beings than you are even capable of comprehending.

You lefties are free to hate GWB all day long, that's his job, you are welcome to loathe any and all policies of this country, you are even free to call me such names as seem appropriate to you in those swollen craniums you're so proud of.

But stay away from my boys you sons of bitches. Leave the soldiers out of this, you got a bone to pick, an itch to scratch this isn't the way.

If you were decent human beings you'd understand that, of course, that's the essential problem, isn't it?

This is the face you'll see comin' at'cha if you choose to disregard (scroll down to the second pic, the one with the really ugly guy), I'd counsel against it, but it's your ass, and as a special bonus, it's a free country.

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