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Monday, August 28, 2006

Maywood: Kickin' it old school reconquista style

Source: SOS

Ahhhh, sunny Maywood Cali, one of our favorite post-American cities, and an illegal immigration bloggers wet dream, see here, here, here.

So SOS (Save Our State) decided to hold a rally in the illegal loving town of Maywood, they knew it would most likely get ugly, but they went anyway. For the uninitiated this is called 'courage," whereas it is absolutely not courageous to find yourelf in this country illegally, attend a protest with several hundred or several thousands of your vatos and threaten American citizens, that, for the uninitiated is called 'cowardice."

So, at the protest, in an absolute fit of patriotism what action did our illegal alien brain trust undertake to show their love for the land they are currently colonizing?

Did they...

1.) Get the mayor that bottle of Glenfiddich he'd been eyeing?

2.) Somehow manage to follow the law for nineteen consecutive minutes?


3.) Hoist the Mexican flag over a federal building?

If you selected option three you win today's Reconquista door prize, A BRAND NEW COUNTRY!

As it says in the front page (no permalink yet) of "Sat., 2:00pm Counter-protesters raise Mexican flag up Maywood post office flag pole Caller reports 100 counters and 30 SOS-MM still facing off in Maywood near post office. A small group of counters have replaced the US flag at Maywood post office with a Mexican flag. Police tried to pull the Mexican flag down but the ropes got stuck and it still flies at this time."

That's right boys and girls, in case you weren't sure, when the illegal alien brain trust flies the flag of the country they fled, the country that cannot and will not provide them with a decent economy, the country they came from before committing a veritable litany of rapes and murders, what it REALLY means is...they dig America!

I know it's a subtle message, it flies right past our bigoted and prejudiced European eyes. If we could only see with the pure eyes of the brown, indigenous, utterly pure as the driven snow folk we would see this for what it really means...

And of course in their youthful exuberance they oopsied and attacked some of the SOS folk, vandalized their cars and made threats. All part of the charm folks, nothing to worry about here. How lucky we are to have criminals and reconquistas of this caliber entering this great land at such a furious rate. Bless you goddess diversity, bless you.

Here are some video links to more of our invaders delightful behavior...

Victim of assault & eyewitness after the mathem

Violent thug threatens Americans because of their opinions

In all seriousness, the violence continues to ratchet up, I'm seeing stories like this more and more these days. Let's understand something, left to their own devices our charming invader class and their masters and handlers would be killing people in the streets as they do in the third world hell holes these folks are allegedly* fleeing from.

It's going to get worse, a lot worse. All I can think as I read this story is: how many more Americans have to be threatened, injured, or die before "we the people" put a stop to this nonsense?

More coverage of "invader class" violence and, here, here, here

*It's not fleeing when your flight plan is primarily concerned with what size big screen TV you will be enjoying, as Cap'n jack asks, savvy?

H/T Lonewacko & SOS

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