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Friday, May 05, 2006

The Logan Square Debate Continued

This post is a follow up to this post from earlier this evening. MJ references some video I shot at the event, it may be featured at Hot Air tomorrow so check over every 10 seconds and let us know if it gets posted. These pix pick up where Mj left off. She was inside, I was outside and watched the whole confrontation go down. Ironically I didn't realize MJ was at the center of the melee until it was almost over, if I had there would be some anarchists with steaks over their black eyes esta noche :)

Of course that presumes they would fight a man. As the story below shows, they're plenty tough in a large group against one woman, one doubts their temerity in the face of one man, this whole crowd had a lower testosterone count than Paris Hilton on a bad hair day.

Here is the sign outside the church advertising a debate between the Illinois Minutemen and a rep from the ICIRR. A pro-illegal immigration group that has received millions of dollars from the state of Illinois among other far left groups. They also have a curious habit of ducking out of tough debates. Kinda makes you wonder when an evil super genius who's paid a whole pile of money for no other purpose than to jam millions more illegals down our throat won't even show up for a debate, kinda makes me think that even they can't shovel that much BS.

Here's the whining, puling excuse they posted on their site for why they blew off tonight's debate at the last minute, and if MJ didn't mention it, the pastor of the church was not amused.

It is clear to us from the e-mail notices of white racist organizations that this event has the potential to turn into a violent street confrontation. Our organization has no interest whatsoever in contributing to an event in which people could be hurt; that allows extremists to vent their hatred; or that further exacerbates tensions at a time when our nation is interested in solutions.

Of course MJ followed up with a call to the ICIRR as a good citizen journalist should. After a lot of throat clearing and hemming and hawing they couldn't name a single "white supremacist group" or specific threat, curiouser and curiouser, no?

Of course they did manage to work the "Illinois Minutemen" into the conversation in a meany mouthed way as to suggest that they were the group in question, but of course they didn't come out and say that because it's, um, how you say in english...Bullshit!

Just bear this nonsense in mind as you read through the rest of this post, should you spray chocolate milk through your nose and damage your computer, well, you have been warned!

IQ or helpful implement? You decide.

Neither should illegals toots, but them's the breaks in the big city.

I'd settle for a single protest sans asshat socialists (ain't holding my breath though)

This is so played, PLAYED I say!

I invoke Godwin's law!

Here was the point when I had a sense that our socialist and anarchist (not to mention our drooling retard, low IQ, mouth breathing) brethren may not have gotten the 'peaceful protest' memo.

MJ exits the church, note the psycho bitch all up in her grill. Again, there must have been some sort of glitch with the 'peaceful protest' communique.

Check out the forward leaning, barracuda like posture of the crowd as the oh-so brave pack of mongrels take after a single woman. Vermin the lot of'em, seriously, where is Darwin when you really, really need him?

As we said in the video "the face of tolerance."

MJ being escorted away from the forces of tolerance; diversity and general schmuckiness.

Watch the moonbats and bearers of low quality DNA exult at their victory over...1 woman. The left, courage on tap!

The exultations continue.

The view through the window of the police cruiser we were in for our own protection from the forces of peace and tolerance (caution: this may be ironical)

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