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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Third Party Candidate?

Mark Byron has an interesting piece up today on the likelihood of a strong borders third party candidate and what that candidate might look like. My only beef with the piece is he suggests Bill Frist as a hawk on illegal immigration issues, um, Mark, ever heard of Tom Tancredo?
There's room for a nativist-but-not-bigoted populist candidate in the center. The problem for the raging moderates is finding that person. He's likely to come from outside of elective office, since such a critter will have a hard time getting elected in the modern two-party system. He'd likely have to be fairly rich and/or famous in order to finance a campaign from outside the normal special-interest loci of the major parties.

However, if such a person does surface, there would be room for them to maneuver. There is a market for a populist immigration hawk, but it would have to come from the center if he were to have a chance of getting to 30% and having a shot at a plurality win.

Any suggestions for our Dobbsian candidate?
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H/T Beyond Borders Blog

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