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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Patti Davis Decries America's "Rudeness Pandemic"

I haven't decided if Reagan's daughter is half-baked, or over-baked, but somehow she managed to draw a comparison between a rudely served smoothie and the illegal alien invasion of the U.S.
Read it all here. H/T to Hot Air.

I left imagining how good I’d feel pouring the smoothie (which I now didn’t want because I was sure she’d poisoned it) over her head. And herein lies the problem. Rudeness creates anger, which can easily lead to more rudeness, and before you know it, you have a pandemic. Forget worrying about bird flu—we are already in the midst of a rudeness pandemic.

Yet on May 1, thousands of immigrants across the country marched and waved flags and professed their love for America. Doesn’t anyone see the irony in this? These are people who not only put up with the same climate of rudeness the rest of us do, but they’re paid poorly, they will never get their Social Security benefits (if they’re here illegally) and now there is a move to send them all away. Yet they sincerely love this country. They’re willing to see past our obvious shortcomings and work hard to live here.
Hell, maybe she's just WAY smarter than me. Nah, I didn't think so, either.

First, let me just react to the jackass statement that "...they will never get their Social Security benefits (if they're here illegally)..."

If they're here illegally, THEY DON'T GET SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS, you moron!

Our obvious shortcomings? I guess that must be the whole rude American thing, right? OK, let me see if I can get this straight. We should thank the millions of lawbreakers (who came here illegally, drive down our wages, suck up taxpayer funded benefits that are supposed to be for citizens, and are now taking to our streets to demand legalization and amnesty) for their willingness to overlook our rudeness and their desire to "work hard to live here" (see the aforementioned taking to our streets to demand legalization and amnesty)?

I understand we have a problem with immigration, but it seems very un-American to suggest that 11 million people who have lived and worked here for years and years should be forced to leave. Particularly since they might be some of the most patriotic among us.
The whole un-American thing made me splutter with laughter. The patriot thing, however, made me splutter with indignation...indignation for your father, Patti. How could you be the daughter of such a patriot and not know what the hell one is? It's beyond me.

Sure, Reagan signed the 1986 Amnesty Fiasco. He also had to be convinced, stated that it would only work if the penalty provisions were enforced, and lived to regret the whole thing. He was a patriotic American who led this country with honor, and was big enough to admit his mistakes.

Your flippant attitude toward the massive illegal invasion problem that threatens the sovereignty of the country your father loved so much makes me feel ill. Here's a suggestion/request that you should enjoy, as it is the very antithesis of rudeness:

The back of your article should be thoughtfully printed with origami instructions to fold it into a barf bag.

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