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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Voters Speak Loud and Clear in Herndon

Good news from Herndon. H/T Michelle Malkin.

The day labor site in Herndon may have changed the face of politics in Herndon.

Steve DeBenedittis, a resident who opposed the center, has been elected mayor of Herndon, defeating incumbent Michael O'Reilly.

DeBenedittis captured 1,363 votes, 130 more than O'Reilly.

The center opened late last year, replacing a chaotic unofficial site in a 7-Eleven parking lot as a spot for employers to recruit day laborers.

There was also turnover on the Herndon town council, as only two, Dennis Husch and Harlon Reece, were re-elected. Connie Hutchinson, Dave Kirby, Bill Tirrell and Charlie Waddell have been newly elected to the council.
That, my friends, is how it works. Or at least, how it's supposed to work.

Is anyone as ready as I am to see this start happening on a national level?

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