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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Day Without An Illegal?

Here's what it would actually look like...
"The working women of the province are disappearing, just as the province's superheated economy is becoming increasingly short-handed. Unemployment has fallen to unimaginably low levels, and help-wanted signs plaster the windows of retail businesses throughout the province. Businesses are scouring Alberta, indeed the entire country, for workers, going so far as to launch recruiting drives in prisons.
Isn't that horrible? Recruitment drives in prisons? I mean for god's sake aren't we just supposed to ignore those guys and let them languish jobless so they can commit more crimes?

I just spent the day with a group of young black men living on the south side of Chicago. They are interested in becoming Minutemen because a large employer smack in the middle of their neighborhood ignores them and hires illegals.

Bring on the day without an illegal.

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