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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Slow Posting


I was covering the Grand marches in Chicago yesterday. We picked up a video camera and some video editing software last Friday and we only had the weekend to figure them out before Mondays marches.

So I go and cover the marches for about eight hours, come home and start trying to assemble the video into a coherent form and the software freaks out. Mind you I'm trying to get this to Michelle Malkin to possibly run on Hot Air so I'm feeling a little pressure here, thank you very much.

Long story short I didn't end up emailing a final version of the video off until somewhere around five AM (I am way to old for that crap!), then a local talk radio DJ wanted to interview me around seven about the marches. I had to be up around nine-thirty to attend a Minuteman protest on the south side so the best I was gonna get sleepwise was about four hours, except the radio people kept calling me and then not putting me on the air! Ahhhh!

Anyway, I have some great pictures from the protests that I'll try to get up tonight. Thanks for bearing with us.

One funny anecdote from the march. Later in the afternoon as the march was winding down I was chatting with a CTA worker who explained that the federal government was preparing to revoke black voter rights. I told him I thought he was cracked and there was no way in hell that was true. He fixed me with his most serious expresion and replied "but I heard it from Jesse Jackson, why would he lie?"

Yes, it has come to my attention that this could possibly be considered whining, if you're the sort of high quality reader we've come to expect on this blog I fully expect you'll have far too much class to mention it.

Who am I kidding? Bring on the pain!



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