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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Moonbats On The March!

What would ANY protest be without leftist loons, assorted Race Pandering Whores, and general half-wits? Without further ado Freedom Folks present Moonbats On Parade...

I always like to kick off with the threatening signs, I don't know why!

Um, I guess...You!

Define please?

Socialists? At a totally unrelated protest? You could knock me over with a feather, no, really!

Thank you Hombre, tell ya what, when you get legal I will magically give a furry rat's patoot what you think about our internal politics.

Se Habla "capitalism?"

I live in the city toots, $8 bucks would be cheap!

Nobody tell Michelle Malkin about this, she'd be pissed, and you know how she is when she's cranky!


One community, one voice? That reminds me of something, it'll come to me, oh yeah, Sharia!

Um, o'tay sthpanky!

But she seemed so pleasant.

And the ubiquitous Che! And yeah, he was indeed ubiquitous!

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