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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Non-Impact of Monday's Day Without an ILLEGAL Immigrant

There's an excellent editorial by Chuck Green up over at The Pueblo Chieftain this morning.

The "Day Without Immigrants" demonstration, which was supposed to show the world what America would be like without the people who came here from other lands, failed miserably.

Here’s my evidence:

Life went on pretty much as usual on May 1, other than a few traffic jams caused by the demonstrators. Oh sure, a few local markets were closed in some cities, even a couple of complete commercial neighborhoods were idle in a few cities, and a construction site here and there was vacated for the day. One man in Boulder complained that his car wash was dry.

But, overall, nothing really of any significance came of it.
That's right. Because how can you really measure the impact of a day without immigrants, when what you really had was a day without ILLEGAL immigrants?

For the most part, American hummed along without missing a beat - all because tens of millions of immigrants went to work and did what they do every day. They didn’t join in the street party.

Although no one would say it, what the Monday rallies were supposed to do was demonstrate what America would be like on a "Day Without Illegal Immigrants." But it would have been rather stupid of them to say that, so they took the typical American way out and adopted a politically correct banner for their cause.

How ironic.

If it truly had been a day without immigrants, the nation’s commerce would have come to a screeching halt. There wouldn’t have been any cops controlling the rallies, and even the politicians would have taken the day off. Of course, they were on the job as usual, not wanting to miss a precious photo opportunity.
Now, I don't jump on the "we're all immigrants" bandwagon because, well, it's not accurate. But if you add up all the legal immigrants, the naturalized citizens, and the U.S. citizens who were born here, I agree with Green: THAT'S who make and keep this country what it is...and THAT'S why Monday's dishonest protests will only serve to hurt the cause of ILLEGAL aliens in this country. Because...

Let there be no doubt, this wasn’t about immigration. This was about illegal immigration, and everyone in the crowd knew it. They were just too chicken to say so.
Just. Like. That.

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