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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bush Continues To Show His Allegiance

Source: yahoonews
WASHINGTON - President Bush pushed for immigration legislation on the eve of the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo.

"You may have noticed this celebration is not on the Cinco de Mayo," Bush said about the holiday, which celebrates Mexican troops' defeat of a French army on May 5, 1862. "It's on the Cuatro de Mayo. It's such an important holiday we thought we would start early."
Source: yahoonews
Before I introduce our entertainer, I do want to share some thoughts with you about the importance of Cinco de Mayo, for it commemorates a joyful moment in Mexican history. Americans must understand that it was a time when Mexican soldiers won the Battle of Puebla, and defended their independence. So, obviously, Cinco de Mayo is a day of special pride for citizens of Mexico, but it is, as well, for Americans. It is a reminder of a proud heritage we share with our neighbor to the south. That's how I view the day.
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