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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ever Wonder What REALLY Pisses Jake Off?

This does...
The Mexican drug cartels have staked out lookout posts on high ground up to 200 miles into U.S. territory. There are armed foreign nationals on U.S. soil, protecting their drug shipment routes. Presented with photographic evidence of this Karl Rove pooh-poohed it.
John Derbyshire of NRO attended a anti-illegal immigration meeting recently, this story was related to him there. The thing is, this isn't the first time we've heard about something along these lines...

Drug cartels take over our national forests
(GWB strangely silent)

Allow me to excerpt myself from that piece...
Let me share with you two of my favorite exchanges from the movie "The Untouchables"

Malone: You said you wanted to get Capone. Do you really wanna get him? You see what I'm saying is, what are you prepared to do?
Eliot Ness: Anything and everything in my power.
Malone: And *then* what are you prepared to do? If you open the can on these worms you must be prepared to go all the way because they're not gonna give up the fight until one of you is dead.
Eliot Ness: How do you do it then?
Malone: You wanna know how you do it? Here's how, they pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That's the Chicago way, and that's how you get Capone! Now do you want to do that? Are you ready to do that?
Eliot Ness: I have sworn to capture this man with all legal powers at my disposal and I will do so. Malone: Well, the Lord hates a coward. Do you know what a blood oath is, Mr. Ness?
Eliot Ness: Yes.
Malone: Good, 'cause you just took one.

And the scene that makes me chuckle every time I watch this film

Mountie: I do not approve of your methods!
Eliot Ness: Yeah, well... You're not from Chicago

The Chicago way. My grandmother used to frequent Chicago Speakeasie in the roaring twenties. Her and my future grandfather would drink the rotgut and dance in Al Capone's joints. She was Chicago Irish, a South Sider, and she always wished that the Chicago police and the FBI had killed more Gangsters when they had the chance.

We supposedly live in a softer, gentler time, but that's not true. But what is true is that we have softer people among us who make it virtually impossible to do what needs to be done.

The Chicago way. You know what I'm saying, and if your an actual American, not an undifferentiated citizen of the world, you'd agree the time has come.

I need someone to explain to me the rights a foreign group of criminals and terrorists enjoy when they invade our country. I have a feeling the answer is frighteningly simple, none.

The methods used to bring the mob under control were not pretty. But they were effective, being gunned down in the street like a dog tends to create respect for the rule of law.

What's that high whining sound I hear? Could it be the sound of liberals wailing and puling about rights.

Well, I submit that those who are not citizens, who willingly and brazenly enter our country for the express purpose of contravening our law and killing our citizens enjoy NO protections. None. Torture? Sure, why not, they cannot possibly be covered under the Geneva convention. Trials? Are you kidding me? Posse Comitatus only applies to citizens.

Jake has a very simple theory that gets applied in certain situations. Sometimes they got to go. Sometimes an individual or group so contravenes the basic compact between humans as to render thier continued use of oxygen an affront to civilazation. When this point of noxiousness has been reached there is only one response.

They got to go. The Chicago way.

I want to address one other thing in this post. Should a member of Congress ever be found to be in the employ of the Cartels. Should one of the men or women who are charged with keeping us safe ever be found to be giving aid or comfort to this hydra like enemy. I'll kill them myself if we cannot find the national will to do what needs to be done. A length of hemp rope would be preferable, but I won't be choosy.

I don't normally like that kind of talk and do not indulge myself loosely. But at what point do we stop enabling those who would destroy us? At what point can we defend ourselves with some seriousness. At what point do we stop pussyfooting around and take care of this problem once and for all.

It actually can be done, no doubt about it.

The Chicago way!
Until we drive the whining puling Liberals out of Washington, many of whom come complete with a little (R) after their names, we cannot solve this problem. This isn't a 'you can't get everything you want so you'll take your toys home' scenario. This is treason pure and simple.

We have heard from our government that they are no longer worried about Hector the busboy, no they are spending their precious time and our money on more important threats. Like what? For god's sake people, would you consider armed bands of foreigners holding ground inside this country and killing Americans a "more important" threat?

And our government is too weak to do anything about it. As such I say they have lost all legitimacy and it's time for us to exercise our true constitutional right, by replacing our weak and feckless government, root and branch, with something that isn't utterly corrupt and verging on the ridiculous.

Clearly, mere elections are no longer enough when they allow hostile enemy foreigners to start taking control inside this country. It's time to take out the trash folks, and the stink is coming from Washington.

Who's with me?

H/T Lonewacko

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